The Ten Faces of Innovation in Dental Practice - Part One - Marketing Dentistry

The Ten Faces of Innovation in Dental Practice – Part One

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At this year’s Marketing Dentistry Lecture Series, Dr David Penn will be presenting a program entitled “The Ten Faces Of Innovation In Dental Practice” where he will share with you theories and strategies that he has tried and proven with his other ventures and how he has identified the 3 Key Elements that every practice should have: Learners, Organisers and Builders. With many practices only having just 3 or 4 team members, each person within your team not only plays a crucial role, but may need to fulfil a number of roles in helping to run your practice. Because of this, it is highly essential that you define what roles you and your staff can actually perform capably, and then be introspective enough to outsource the “missing faces”. In the coming weeks, David will be explaining more about these Ten Faces of Innovation that you need to have within your practice. For more information on Dr David Penn and the most exciting and relevant dental event of the year, visit or call 1800 375 227 today!

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