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Proven Success Strategies Taught By The People Who Proved Them

Have you ever been to an education program where the speakers seemed to know the theory but had never put it into practice? Many lecturers in the field of business development have done little more than read some great books and then re-word the information in a way that sounds compelling, but in reality is not the practical or insightful advice the audience needs.

There is often a big divide between the theory taught in a lecture room and the reality back in the practice. Well, not at Marketing Dentistry 2015 as all our presenters still work in practices every day.

Presenters Dr David Penn and Dr Howard Farran are both practising dentists with vibrant and profitable dental practices. Both have also built extraordinary businesses in addition to their dental practices. Dr David Penn established and grew South Cross Laboratories into one of the largest dental labs in the world, which he recently sold for over $100 million dollars and enabled him to open Penn Collage. And Dr Howard Farran is famous for operating one of the world’s largest on-line dental communities Dental Town. Both are mavericks in the field of dentistry, both are still practising and understand the challenges you face every day. Both these extraordinary professionals have developed real-world solutions to overcome these challenges, which they have been ‘proven in practice’ – not in theory.

This ‘Proven In Practice’ criteria for the presenters at Marketing Dentistry 2015 is not limited to the Doctors.

Both our guest speakers on practice management are experts who work ‘in’ and ‘with’ practices every working day. Sandy Roth has helped thousands of dental practices over the years improve their performance through enhanced communications within these practice. But more than that, Sandy and her husband also run a dental practice in Florida, which allows Sandy to practice what she preaches and develop new strategies that can be implemented to improve performance.

Tracy Penn was instrumental in growing a very large practice in Victoria and then went on to build practice management training facilities for two of the largest dental practice software providers. Tracy was the ‘trouble shooter’ for one of the dental corporations and was famous for being able to turnaround a struggling practice within a week. Today in her key role at Best Practice, Tracy gets her hands dirty in the practices she works with, teaching through example – not white board.

So, at Marketing Dentistry 2015, you will hear from people who face the same challenges you do. People who have created strategies to buck the trends in every aspect to create a successful practice. You will genuinely hear ‘proven strategies from the people who have actually proved they work.


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