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Why ‘survive’ when you can ‘prosper’

Give or take, we all work about the same number of hours each week. So in a profession where everyone starts with essentially the same qualifications, why are there some dentists who are struggling to pay their bills and others who are living lives that would be more associated with a Rock Star than a dentist?

Well, let me tell you what it’s not – it is not luck.

The dentist who takes four overseas holidays a year with their family, lives in a multi-storey home, puts their kids through the best private schools and goes sailing on a weekend has not achieved this by luck.

And, it is probably not through advanced ability. The dentist described will have invested heavily in their own clinical skills, but there are many dentists who regularly improve their clinical skills who don’t become financially successful.

So what is it?  – It’s systems.

The common thread between successful practices is they all have systems in place to create the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders and by doing so become highly profitable. Of course this does not just apply to dentistry, it applies to every great business. Great customer service in a top restaurant – system. Food coming out on time and piping hot – system. The receptionist on your front desk, welcoming a patient with great eye contact, while juggling a phone call and attending to another patient at the front desk – and all of these people feeling cared for and acknowledged – system.

There is a protocol and system for every aspect of your practice that will optimise the process and create outstanding results. At Marketing Dentistry 2015 you will learn what these systems are and the results you can expect when fully implemented and adhered to.

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