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Learn what makes a successful practice


Dentistry isn’t just about practicing anymore

The reason why the Marketing Dentistry programs exist at all is because Dentistry is not just about the clinical anymore. There are many that resent this fact, but very few that can deny it. Today, more than ever you need to understand every aspect of running a dental business. Customer Service, Marketing, Communication Skills, How to Recruit the best staff…the list goes on. Plus at the same time, you need to develop your clinical skills and both enjoy and profit from all of this work.

But where do you get the help to master all these aspects of running a vibrant and profitable practice in 2015 and beyond? Well, at Marketing Dentistry 2015 we don’t claim that we will ‘fix’ all your challenges in a single day, but we do claim that we will give you the relevant strategies and direction you need to improve the aspects of your practice you should be working on. We will also give you on-going help and introduce you to services you can access that are designed to give you the relevant support when you need it.

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