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Delegate Your Weaknesses


Learn How To Delegate Your Weaknesses

The majority of stress is caused by the dentist trying to do everything.  Your staff run out the door at 5:00pm while you, after a long day of providing treatments, stay behind in your office – completing treatment plans, paying the bills, doing payroll, overseeing cash flow and developing marketing plans to attract new patients.

Most dentists have an amazing support team that aren’t being utilised to their full potential. One of the most difficult things to do in business is relinquish responsibility. But the reason you hired the staff members you have is because you know they are very capable and highly skilled.

At Marketing Dentistry 2015, you’ll learn how delegating more responsibility to your team you will make them feel valued, engaged and enhance productivity. When people are giving the opportunity to shine and use their initiative, they become highly motivated and will always go the extra mile.

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