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Adapt or Suffer


Adapt Or Suffer

At a time when the dental sector is going through radical change, it is vital to understand these changes and make appropriate adjustments to the way you manage your practice.

At Marketing Dentistry 2015, you will hear that it’s not about a ‘race to the bottom’. Although many practices are starting to compete solely on price and this certainly creates problems for the profession as a whole, price is only one aspect that needs to be understood. If price was the only concern in society none of the better brands would still exist, yet even with all the doom and gloom peddled by the popular press, many of the great brands of the world, BMW, Rolex, Apple etc. are all enjoying extraordinary success. All these brands understand pricing, but they don’t compete with it.

At Marketing Dentistry we will be challenging you to consider what changes you could be making in your practice, and giving you proven strategies to consider.

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