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Meet Dr Michael Abernathy – Free Webinar Session

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Practices that grow 20% a year, maintain a 50% overhead while having hundreds of new patients each month referred to them by existing patients. This doesn’t just happen, it’s created and I am going to show you how. This webinar will get you started on creating the practice you’ve always wanted by introducing the 10 pillars of the Super Dental Practice.

You will hear how each of these ten steps creates a culture for a practice that grows 20% plus a year, while maintaining a stress free environment that attracts the top team members with an “ownership mentality”. This will decrease your stress and take you to a debt free growth trajectory that has allowed thousands of doctors in the US to retire 10 years earlier with more security than they ever thought was possible.

In about an hour you will have a vision of a different practice and a new future for you and your team. I have spent forty years perfecting the Super Dental Practice while helping others do exactly what I have done. This webinar will be the perfect prelude to the Marketing Dentistry 2016: The Super Dental Practice seminar series in August. It is a must for those who are already signed up to attend and a great way to meet me and convince yourself that this is the future of dentistry. You will finally have a game plan to compete in the new dental economy we find ourselves in.

I look forward to meeting you and revealing the secrets of multi-million dollar practices that can be successfully used by anyone.

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