Marketing Dentistry: Dr Farran's One-Day Dental MBA Sneak Peek - Marketing Dentistry

Marketing Dentistry: Dr Farran’s One-Day Dental MBA Sneak Peek

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Having been in the profession for over 25 years, Dr Howard Farran’s area of expertise span many aspects of dentistry, including the business of dentistry and clinical topics. Presenting his world renowned seminar, ONE-DAY DENTAL MBA, Dr Farran is our main speaker at this year’s Marketing Dentistry.

At this lecture you will:
LEARN TO apply MBA-level management to your practice
LEARN TO build a winning team, without hype, fluff or wishful thinking
LEARN TO do twice as much in half the time while reducing stress
LEARN WHICH sectors in dentistry are growing faster and deliver higher net income so you can focus your practice for profitability
INCREASE treatment plan acceptance by understanding market segmentation and price elasticity
LEARN TO develop a relationship-based instead of a product-based practice
LEARN the real reasons patients delay dental treatment
TEACH your staff the importance of understanding the eight principles of waiting
LEARN TO sell wants-based over needs-based dentistry
SEE how going digital can dramatically increase case acceptance
…and much more.

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