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Sydney Dental Program


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Event Description

It’s an un-deniable fact that the dental profession has changed. We all know the issues.

Regardless of where you live, healthcare, especially dentistry, has transformed from “The Practice of Dentistry” to “The Business of Dentistry”. The new dental economy dictates a different business model and a re-engagement in the business end of our practices.

Adding to these drastic changes, we have seen an increase in student debt, boost in the number of dentists and competition, rise in the number of corporate groups, insurance and government participation and we find ourselves in a “climate change of a new dental economy”. Don’t be mistaken and think you can just wait out the storm. This is the new climate and it’s here to stay. To survive, we have to embrace the changes dictated by our circumstances.

Marketing Dentistry 2016 – The Business of Dentistry, has established itself as the predominant provider of business acumen for Dentists and their Practice Managers in Australia. Dr Michael Abernathy, our Principal Speaker and the owner of 7 dental practices along with Summit Management and Summit Practice Solutions, a full-service dental office consulting company in the US, will be presenting for the first time at Marketing Dentistry. This seminar, “The SUPER Dental Practice” is designed to be a fast paced series of strategies and solutions, to give you and your staff the tools you need to thrive.

At this lecture you will:

  • Learn to reset the bar of benchmarks and learn how to control overheads
  • Learn to stage every aspect of the new patient experience
  • Learn to partner with your staff to create the culture of ownership and self- management that eliminates management stress and staff turnover
  • Recognise the secret of 100% Case Acceptance
  • Recognise and see what the future of your practice will look like and how to get there first
  • Learn to get unlimited new patients by understanding what to do when your marketing “has no pulse”
  • Learn to become a Tarzan in a Health Plan jungle

Alongside Michael will be the 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur and the Head of the Postgraduate School of Dentistry at the Penn College, Dr David Penn, who is back with all new content – “Economics of Modern Day Australian Dental Practice”.

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Event Information

13th Aug 2016
Hilton Sydney, 488 George St, Sydney NSW 2000


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