Dr Michael Abernathy, DDS | Marketing Dentistry 2016 Speaker

Dr Michael Abernathy, DDS

Dr Michael Abernathy, DDS graduated with honors from Baylor Dental School in 1975. He is the owner of Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, a thriving dental practice in North Texas with a multi million-dollar annual turnover. His success didn’t happen by accident. Over the years Dr Abernathy has built up a wealth of experience in growing productive and profitable dental practices. Using proven strategies, Dr Abernathy is able to help dentists develop the necessary skills to build highly successful practices capable of attracting a steady stream of new patients. These are tried and tested systems that have enabled Dr Abernathy become the owner of numerous successful companies.

Dr Abernathy is the owner/partner in seven dental practices in the United States and he owns dsspartners.com, an acquisition and practice development company for new doctors. He started and operates Signature Dental Lab, a dental laboratory with Tenaka trained technicians. He is also the owner of Summit Management and Summit Practice Solutions, a full-service dental office consulting company.

Dr Abernathy is a Member or Fellow of numerous dental associations including the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Dental Practice Administration, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and Texas Dental Association. He has written two books on practice management, The Roadmap to Wealth and Security and The Super General Dental Practice and has had numerous articles published in renowned dental publications that include Dental Economics, ADA Journal, The Farran Report and The Crown Council Inner Circle Newsletter.

As the founder of bestfordentistry.com, Dr Abernathy has sought to create an alliance of like-minded dentists who are keen to preserve individual practices against larger corporations that seek to commoditise dentistry. The group offers education and training, as well as legal and marketing technology to individual dentists to help empower them against more corporately oriented practices.

Dr Abernathy is in high demand worldwide as a speaker and consultant, using skills perfected over nearly four decades. He has successfully lectured in multiple states and several countries on clinical and practice management topics to over 30,000 people and has been a speaker at various state and international dental meetings.

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