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About Carl Burroughs


“There are a lot of clinical training courses available for Dentists to attend in Australia – but there are very few business and marketing training courses available that are solely dedicated to the dental sector – which is where Marketing Dentistry comes in.”

Carl Burroughs, has been consulting to the dental sector for well over a decade and is today Australia’s leading expert on how to successfully grow a dental practice through the power of marketing.

Carl Burroughs was born in the UK and grew up in Yorkshire in the North of England. His first business venture was in Real Estate in the 1980’s. Carl subsequently immigrated to Australia in 1993 and in 1995 started his own chain of telecommunication stores. From a single shop in Leichhardt, Sydney, Carl expanded his business to 26 stores across three states and in the process proved his ability and unique insight into successful marketing.

In 2001, after selling his telecommunication business, Carl Burroughs purchased a small marketing agency and started to expand this business. At this time Carl was also very active on the speaker circuit and was invited to speak at a number of dental events. Through this introduction to dentistry, Carl’s interest in the sector was established and by 2002 he had specialised his agency to concentrate on helping dentists expand their practices through professional and effective marketing strategies – this agency was called Integrated Dental Marketing, IDM.

Since IDM was created, Carl Burroughs has been responsible for numerous dental success stories, including launching Australia’s fastest ever growing dental practice, Australia’s first ever patient finance facility, which Carl subsequently sold to Macquarie Bank and Carl was one of the original founders of the dental consolidation group, Dental Partners.

The Marketing Dentistry Institute is the latest of Carl’s successful ventures. Now in it’s fourth year, Carl is proud to bring some of the greatest minds in dentistry to Australia, including Dr Bill Dorfman, Dr Howard Farran, Dr David Penn, Dr Mark Costes, plus practice management experts Sandy Roth and Tracy Penn. This year Carl is presenting Dr Michael Abernathy for the very first time in Australia. Michael runs his own success institute along with a chain of successful dental practices and a major dental laboratory. Dr Abernathy will share his marketing and business advice that when implemented in a practice will make a profound and positive difference to the performance of that practice.

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