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The new dental economy dictates a different business model and a re-engagement in the business end of our practices.

Regardless of where you live, healthcare, especially dentistry, has transformed from “The Practice of Dentistry” to “The Business of Dentistry”.
Adding to these drastic changes, we have seen an increase in student debt, boost in the number of dentists and competition, rise in the number of corporate groups, insurance and government participation and we find ourselves in a “climate change of a new dental economy”. Don’t be mistaken and think you can just wait out the storm. This is the new climate and its here to stay.

To survive, we have to embrace the changes dictated by our circumstances.
This seminar is designed to be a fast paced series of strategies and solutions, to give you and your staff the tools you need to thrive.

Profitability and sustained growth don’t just happen, they are created.

MD2015_syd_photos_0071Last year, the speakers were specially and carefully selected to provide practical help and advice which attendees could implement into their practices immediately. Not only did Marketing Dentistry 2015 achieve its stated objectives, it also attracted a huge amount of interest and positive comments from within the dental sector.

This years’ Marketing Dentistry program is an intensive one day program which is divided into two streams. The first stream presented by Dr Michael Abernathy and Dr David Penn, is designed for Dentists and the second stream presented by Tracy Penn and Sandy Roth, is designed for the Practice Managers and Key Personnel.

The Marketing Dentistry 2016 team lead by Carl Burroughs is lifting the bar even further and have secured world class content for this year’s line-up of speakers. Content that once implemented, will make a profound difference to the overall performance of your dental practice in today’s environment. There is a good chance that if you don’t act now and embrace the changes in the industry, you will become the next victim in dentistry. Come take the first steps in transforming and creating a successful business for your practice.

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