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Dr Michael Abernathy, DDS graduated with honors from Baylor Dental School in 1975. He is the owner of Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, a thriving dental practice in North Texas with a multi million-dollar annual turnover. His success didn’t happen by accident. Over the years Dr Abernathy has built up a wealth of experience in growing productive and profitable dental practices. Read More >
Dr David Penn graduated from Sydney University in 1978 and has been in private practice ever since then. He founded Southern Cross Dental Laboratories in 1983, which grew to become one of the largest dental laboratories in the world. Read More >
Tracy Penn’s 25 years of experience in dentistry makes her uniquely qualified to guide practices as they set their course for a successful future. As a co-founder and managing partner of Best Practice Management Group, she brings her talents and insights from an array of dental arenas ranging from computer operations to patient care. Read More >
For over 30 years, dentists worldwide have been looking to Sandy Roth to help them create practices of distinction. She inspires dentists to think differently, challenges archaic ideas and quick-fix solutions and helps dentists become as skilled behaviourally as they are clinically. Sandy promotes the concept of facilitation and helps practices learn how to become more effective with patients. Read More >    
“The energy and ideas of Dr Mike Abernathy are simply electric – What he presented in Brisbane was a clear path forward in this time of uncertainty – a real competitive advantage. I cannot wait to start implementing what I learnt – Thanks Mike.”
Dr Clive Creager – Divine Dental
“Thank you Michael for the very informative course you did in Brisbane. It was such a shame it couldn’t have gone on for longer!!! There are lots of things for me to review from the day.”
Dr Sam Roberts, Hinterland Dental Group
“This is the second time I have attended Marketing Dentistry event and both times I have heard what I wanted to know more about.”
Ms Drusilla Nowicki, Smiles Are Us
“Speakers were informative and very well presented. Mr Abernathy is a powerhouse with lots of information to provide.”
Dr Raj Pather, Coorimal Dental
“Enjoyed listening to Mike! He has made the benchmark parameters required for a successful practice very clear.”
Dr Ian Yiannakis, Helena Street Dental
“Very informative day. Have learned so many things I cannot wait to share and implement within our practice. Tracy and Sandy have both been amazing.”
Mrs Caroline Riley, Now Dental
“The day was very productive. Enjoyed the speakers tremendously. I’m very enthusiastic to take the learnings back to my practice.”
Dr Geoffrey Speiser, Breezecare Oral Health
“I have a whole new perspective on the position of the Practice Manager and the roles it does and doesn’t entail. Genuinely very satisfied with the information given today.”
Miss Melina Jackson, Showground Dental
“Very enlightening seminar. Dr David Penn provided some very strong insights into the dental industry.”
Dr Gagan Sandhu, Vogue Family Dental
“This has been the best seminar I have been to this year!”
Mrs heather Stoilijkovic, Gippsland Dental
“Very interesting seminar! Have learnt a lot. Can’t wait to go over my notes.”
Mr Tony Donald, Ian Gurner Dental

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